I’m at a point where I feel pretty good about my book, and while I have a few minor things I plan to edit in the next day or so, I’m ready to start sending out query letters to agents. I’ve thought about submitting to publishers sans agent, and I’ve read about self- publishing and that it’s becoming more accepted these days; however, I’d much rather do this the old-fashioned way (even though that can be done online and all through email now, without having to send out paper manuscripts and Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelopes). So, it’s a new-school version of the old-school way, if that makes sense…

So, here I am. Five queries out. I keep checking my email, though I know it can take weeks or months for an agent to respond – if they respond. They often only reply if they’d like to see more. My plan is to send out 10 queries, and then wait. If I hear nothing back after a few weeks, I’ll send out 10 more.

In the meantime, I’m going to focus on conferences and contests. I have some short stories playing out in my head that are dying to be put on paper, and there’s an autobiographical essay that really wants to be written. There are a few contests that look interesting that are coming up this month and next, and I plan to register and attend a handful of conferences in the next few months. I really need to spruce up my writing resume.

That’s the plan. It’s all down on paper, in a writing log, just waiting for me to check these things off as I move forward. No looking back!imagine